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🚨🚨Attention Everyone🚨🚨

Are you ready for the most beautiful UrbanRoxStarr calendar of the freaking century?!?!? No?!?! Well put on your seat belts and hold on to your butts because The UrbanRoxStarr 2024 calendar is so visually pleasing that it might make your eyes explode from pure ecstasy!!! You’ve been warned!! This calendar is fully loaded with photos from @Bryan_Roxs such as Miles Morales, The Lion King, Tombstone, Lebron James (love him or hate him), The Dinosaurs of Saint Patrick Day, and many more!! This calendar comes with a few 4x6 glossy prints and an exclusive UrbanRoxStarr 2024 sticker so you can one up that friend who copies every freakin thing you do!! (SWIPE FOR VIDEO)

*All calendars are 11x17inches on high gloss cardstock. All Patreon shipments and preorders will ship the second week of December 2023 via USPS Priority mail!


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